How to stand out from the tech giants in recruiting development talent

Your team is trying to hire the world’s best engineers—but so is everyone else.

You know they’re being wooed by the likes of Apple, Google, and Amazon. Those tech giants have game rooms, free meals, and generous stock options. Your startup isn’t there yet—so what can you do to make sure your job candidates see you as the best place to grow in their careers?

Our own developers’ survey found that the most important component of a potential job offer wasn’t the salary or benefits package, but the technologies they’d be working with (54%) and the office environment or company culture (49%).

Employees want the opportunity to learn in their roles and face new technical challenges, with the support of a collaborative team to help them work through ambitious projects. When interviewing prospective recruits, show them how your team will set them up for success. They want to know that they have the foundation they need to do their jobs. Nothing is worse than being expected to do a job but struggling to accomplish it because you don’t have the tools or support you need to complete it.

Big tech giants often create a siloed culture in which each team is isolated from others. They’re not investing in building a collaborative relationship, and as a result, redundancies and miscommunications are par for the course.

In a smaller company like yours, though, you can create a culture in which every team contributes to a universal base of knowledge and fills in others’ knowledge gaps. In order to do this successfully, consider using a knowledge-sharing platform that employees across all your departments can use to ask questions, provide answers, and add additional context, then vote on responses to spotlight the most relevant content. Your entire team can easily gain access to all of your valuable institutional knowledge and resources to help them perform at their best.

This can help you create just the sort of creative and agile culture that’s bound to attract all the best development talent.

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