Meet The Stack Overflow Audience

Our public platform serves 100 million people every month, making it one of the 50 most popular websites in the world. We got to know developers, here's what we learned.

Speaking with Technologists

Speak to them in their language: Developers don't like buzzwords or marketing fluff, but they do respond to ads that feel authentic and honest. Use the specific technology you use or are looking for. Talk about your tech stack.
Developers are curious: Use Call-to-actions that lead to content that they can actually learn from. They should have purpose beyond just getting people to apply. Help them learn something new.
Keep it simple: As much as everyone appreciates a good gif, developers prefer you keep it simple and ignore ads that might come off as distracting. Talk about what languages you use.
Tell your truth: Show them the authentic employer experience and be upfront about the recruitment process. They want to know what it's like to work at your company. How is what your building different from other companies?

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