What you need to know about attracting & recruiting developers and technologists

We've compiled a list of data and resources to help you succeed as you adapt to the changing tech recruitment landscapes

Stack Overflow research

New data: What developers look for in future job opportunities - Stack Overflow Blog

Stack Overflow Talent's The new developer and technologist candidate journey

Pre-pandemic career values - Stack Overflow Developer Survey

Stack Overflow content

The Great Resignation is here. What does that mean for developers? - Stack Overflow Blog

Skills, not schools, are in demand among developers

Importance of Employer Brand

Employer Brand Statistics

The State of Employer Branding and Recruitment Advertising 2021 Report and Infographic - HR.com

A Bad Reputation Costs a Company at Least 10% More Per Hire

3rd party articles

Remote jobs help companies like Shopify win the talent war - Protocol — The people, power and politics of tech

Tech recruiting: It's brutal out here

Recruiting is broken for Gen Z tech candidates. New tools give managers hope they can fix it.

Foreigners needed to fill Singapore tech jobs crunch, says central banker | Reuters

Most UK firms 'looking abroad for tech talent' | David Sapsted | Relocate magazine

Where to find employees : 5 areas for successful borderless recruitment and hiring | TechRadar

The Great Resignation is greatly exaggerated | Protocol (cites Stack Overflow data)

Other research reports

How to Attract, Develop and Retain Great Software Engineering Talent

Borderless Recruiting Is a New Norm for CIOs

Velocity Global's 2022 Work In Progress Report: Businesses and talent benefit from distributed work - Velocity Global

2021 State of Software Engineers - Hired

Work 2035: The Born Digital Effect

CodinGame and CoderPad Tech Hiring Survey 2022

Will COVID-19 turbo-charge M&A and transformation?

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