2022 Developer Survey: Productivity Deep Dive Webinar

42% of developers say that knowledge silos prevent them from getting ideas across the organization. With a team of 5,000 developers, that's 2,100 people that are experiencing an invisible productivity friction.

In Stack Overflow's 2022 Developer Survey we asked professional developers to tell us about what impacts their productivity at work, how often it happens, and how much time that takes out of their day.

More than 30,000 professional developers answered - giving the global developer community a way to quantify the impact that daily, and invisible, productivity frictions have on their work.

In this webinar, we did a deep dive into what we found:

  • Their ability to find knowledge and information within and across an organization
  • How often they are encountering knowledge silos - How much time, each day, they spend searching for answers/solutions to their problems
  • How much time, each day, they spend answering questions they receive from colleagues

We also examine how the size of the organization, and whether you’re an Individual Contributor or a People Manager, affects productivity frictions.

Download the slides or register to watch the on-demand webinar.

Download the slides

Download the slides we presented during the webinar.


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