What user roles exist in a Collective™? What privileges do they have?

This article is for Admins, Analysts and Recognized Members of a Collective.

You'll find four user roles in a collective:


Anyone with a Stack Overflow account can join a Collective. Members can:

  • See a curated view of questions and answers that have been contributed by the Community using tags associated with the Collective.
  • Contribute Articles—how-to guides and technical knowledge articles—that are relevant to the Collective.
  • Participate in the collective's leaderboard and earn the Collective-specific trophies.
  • In topic collectives only, edit Articles based on reputation points.

Recognized Member

A Recognized Member is a user with whom an Organization chooses to affiliate to their brand or identified by a Collective. Recognized Members can be employees or Stack Overflow users who have been selected by  Admins to share their expertise.

A Recognized Member has the following privileges:

  • A “recognized by” or "employee" badge on their user card when answering questions that are associated with a collective.
  • Ability to recommend answers within the Collective that the user is Recognized Member of.
  • Publish their own Articles and review and publish Articles contributed by Members.
  • Access to the “Actions for You” dashboard where they can see where they can contribute either by reviewing Articles, answering questions or recommending answers.
  • Access Private discussions


Collectives have a finite amount of administrators. These admins have full access to all the Collectives features, which include the features that are described under Recognized Members.

In addition to those, they:

  • Can manage Collective-level user permissions and labels, and invite new Recognized Members to the Collective.
  • Have access to the reporting and data within the Collective.
  • Have the ability to pin Questions and Articles to the top of the list on the Collective's pages.
  • Access and manage Private discussions


Admins can assign this role to employees of their organization who need to view or generate reports. Analysts are not able to act on behalf of the Collective in any way (such as recommending answers). Analysts are only allowed to:

  • View the Executive Dashboard
  • Create and manage reports

Analysts can only be invited to this role by Admins.

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