What user roles exist in a collective? What privileges do they have?

This article is for Admins and Recognized Members of a collective.

You'll find three user roles in a collective:


Anyone with a Stack Overflow account can join a collective. Members can:

  • See a curated view of questions and answers that have been contributed by the Community using tags associated with collective
  • Contribute Articles—how-to guides and technical knowledge articles—that are relevant to the collective
  • Participate in the collective's leaderboard and earn the Collective-specific trophies

Recognized Member

A Recognized Member is a user with whom an Organization chooses to affiliate their brand. Recognized Members can be employees or Stack Overflow users who have been selected by the Organization to share their expertise.

A Recognized Member has the following privileges:

  • A “recognized by” or "employee" badge on their user card when answering questions that are associated with a collective
  • Ability to recommend answers within the collective that the user is Recognized Member of
  • Publish their own Articles and review and publish Articles contributed by Members
  • Access to the “Actions for You” dashboard where they can see where they can contribute either by reviewing Articles, answering questions or recommending answers


Collectives have a finite amount of administrators. These admins have full access to all the Collectives features, which include the ones which are described under Recognized Members.

In addition to those, they:

  • Can manage collective-level user permissions and labels, and invite new Recognized Members to the Collective
  • Have access to the reporting and data within the Collective
  • Have the ability to pin Questions and Articles to the top of the list on the Collective's pages

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