Topic Tag Sponsorship

Deliver evergreen awareness of your brand, technology, or service on Stack Overflow.

With Topic Tag Sponsorship, you can

  • Increase Visibility — Expand your voice: Each topic tag sponsorship gives you a 50% share of voice (SOV) on that topic tag target, across all of Stack Overflow, maximizing your brand recognition and marketing message.
  • Distinct — Attention without distraction: A simple logo on a topic tag makes it pop out on all pages; drawing attention to the topic of your company.
  • Naturally Native — Naturally part of the thread: If the topic is being browsed or discussed, your company is naturally part of new and existing content and continuing threads.


  • Topic Tag Sponsorship is only visible on the desktop site.
  • Includes up to 5 external links in the header on a tag page.
  • Logos on topic tags are only allowed for copyright holders.
  • 100x100 and 36x32 transparent background logos required.
  • Banner ads follow banner ad specs.

Challenges addressed

Support conversion
Quality leads

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