How can I target my advertising campaigns on Stack Overflow?

At Stack Overflow, when it comes to targeting, we do things a little differently. We have a unique way to tag and categorize content to ensure ads are always contextually relevant. We call it Topic Tag Targeting. Currently, we have more than 60,000 Topic Tags active on the site. We use these tags to contextually target your ads. Here’s how it works:

  1. Every question has a tag – Between one and five Topic Tags are assigned to every question on Stack Overflow. Each tag matches the content. While we constantly add to our list of 60,000 tags, we have processes in place to make sure topic tags are always relevant to the question asked.
  2. You select your topic tags – You will make a list of the technologies you mention across all your marketing channels. We will work with you to either create a pre-built Topic Tag group or build a custom group for you.
  3. We help design campaigns based on precise relevance – Stack Overflow targets ads based on your Topic Tags. Our goal is to ensure that your ad reaches the right person with the right message at the right moment in a highly relevant environment.

Stack Overflow also provides you with the flexibility to create additional targeting parameters, specific to your company’s goals, including:

  • Country – Stack Overflow is the largest community of developers in the world. Whether you want to reach technologists in the US, UK, India or Australia, we have you covered.
  • Account Targeting – Select from our predefined list of more than 9,000 companies you can reach on our network and we’ll target your banner advertising campaign directly to those accounts.
  • Enterprise Developers – Reach more than 250,000 developers at large, multinational firms.
  • Industry – From healthcare and finance to media and software, you can choose from a variety of industry categories.
  • User Participation on Stack Overflow – Users with a reputation score of 1,500 or more are awarded the privilege of creating Topic Tags. You can add these engaged users to your targeting criteria.

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