Why you can Rely on Stack Overflow for Brand Safe Advertising 

Is your team re-evaluating advertising partners in response to the current media environment? Many brands continue to find themselves dealing with fallout when their advertising has run adjacent to unacceptable and hateful content. This issue has been gathering steam for years as media budgets shifted to video platforms and social media sites where editorial oversight can often lag behind the viral popularity of their user-generated content.

At Stack Overflow, we keep the 100 million developers and technologists who visit our sites each month at our center—and don’t take that responsibility lightly. In fact, we are constantly working on making the user experience on our sites as inclusive and welcoming as possible.

As a result, advertisers can trust that brand safety on Stack Overflow is not an afterthought. It’s part of the foundation we are built on. When you advertise with us, know that we keep our brand safe so yours is too.

Here’s how we maintain this commitment to both our advertising partners and community of developers and technologists:

  • Moderators actively monitor the site to ensure Stack Overflow is a welcoming and helpful site for all developers and technologists. Our moderators come from the community. So keeping the quality of questions and content high is something they take seriously.
  • This group handles millions of flags each year to keep abusive, unwelcoming, and inappropriate content off the site. Read more on how humans and AI work together at Stack Overflow to get better at detecting even slightly unfriendly comments.
  • Not only do we make sure the content is useful, we are also very selective about who we allow to advertise on our sites. With Stack Overflow, you can be sure you are in the company of other endemic advertisers whose messages will match the content and information found on our sites.
  • Lastly, our developer-first advertising guidelines ensure an enjoyable, relevant, and focused experience. No gimmicks or intrusive ads. For advertisers, our exclusive targeting, based on real questions and topics, gives you the ability to reach the right person, with the right message, at the right moment.

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