Account Targeting

Reach and engage developers and technologists at your target accounts.

With Stack Overflow Account Targeting, select from a predefined list of more than 9,000 companies you can reach on our network and we’ll target your banner advertising campaign directly to those accounts.

Account Targeting can help you

  • Reach the accounts that matter most to your business.
  • Engage and convert accounts your sales team will love.
  • Support a range of marketing objectives - including prospecting, cross-selling and up-selling, re-engaging, and nurturing.


  • All Stack Overflow Advertising banner ad sizes (desktop and mobile placements) supported.
  • Limited geo-targeting is available.
  • No company list required. Select from our predefined list of 9,000+companies to target.
  • Wraps allowed for IAS, MOAT, and Double Verify tags. Standard UTM parameters may be appended to destinationURLs.

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