Is advertising on Stack Overflow’s Podcast right for your brand?

The Stack Overflow podcast has been sharing frank and funny views on the world of software for over a decade. With a growing audience, the podcast is hosted by Sara Chipps, Stack Overflow director of community, and Ben Popper, Stack Overflow’s director of content. Joining them is Paul Ford, CEO of the software and services firm Postlight, a well respected developer and writer who has published some of the seminal articles on code and culture over the last decade.

The podcast features a diverse roster of guests from companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and IBM. We also explore topics like how the “Cobol Crunch” affected unemployment systems, developers are leaving big cities, big companies grow their open source communities, and what’s it like to learn programming in prison. These conversations revolve around learning to code, technology trends, and the larger culture of computer programming - making it the perfect place for your message to the developer and tech community.

Each episode currently averages 12,500 - 15,000 downloads and is featured on our blog, which reaches an average of 300,000 developers each month. For the 24 hours after a podcast episode is published, it will appear in the Community Bulletin on the right hand rail of every question on Stack Overflow and across our network of tech-focused Stack Exchange sites.

Advertising Opportunities on The Stack Overflow Podcast

Advertising on Stack Overflow’s podcast is a unique way to have your message appear in an authentic way and is a perfect companion tactic to more traditional banner advertising solutions. You can reach and engage our tuned-in tech audience in two ways:

Podcast Advertising

  • Choice of a 15 second pre- or mid-roll ad placement in the podcast
  • No production work is required by your team. You only need to provide a 30-40 word script and your ad will be read by our hosts and naturally woven into the content of the episode.

Listen to past episodes that feature podcast advertising.

Sponsored Podcast

  • A 15-20 minute podcast episode that features guests from your company and is dedicated to a topic related to your product or service.
  • Includes a content strategy session to identify the right topic and guests that will resonate with our audience of developers and technologists.
  • All project management and production is managed by Stack Overflow.
  • Includes promotional banner advertising to drive incremental awareness and downloads of your Sponsored Podcast episode.

Listen to an example of a Sponsored Podcast episode.

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