Developer marketing tip: How to create effective banner ads

Targeting the developer and technical community? Get tips for creating banner ads that resonates with this audience.

Developer Marketing Tip: How to Create Effective Banner Ads

Recently, we ran a very quick Google search for “best examples of online ads.” Many of the examples we found featured ad copy that was either imaginative, snappy, or even sarcastic in tone. Experts also frequently suggested that clever headlines are critical to an ad campaign’s success.

While this approach might work for B2C advertising, we’ve found it’s not completely true for B2B tech marketing campaigns. What do developers and the technical community tell us they care about when it comes to advertising? That the ad is relevant to them.

With that in mind, here are two recommendations for creating effective banner ads for a developer and technical audience:

  1. The ad copy must be to the point and communicate a clear problem statement. Take note of the amount of text in your ads. WordStream found that the most effective banner ads are written at around a 9th grade reading level.
  2. The ad placement should be unoffensive and not intrusive to the user experience. When working to enhance your brand recognition with the developer and technical community, you want your advertising to align with the site’s content.

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