Setting up for digital transformation success

It’s critical for your organization to take a digital-first approach to building your business in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment.

Whether your initiative involves moving to IoT connectivity, embracing automation for key functions, converting paper documents to digital files, or other types of digital transformation, it’s important to create a clear-cut strategic map for building your transformation process. McKinsey found that less than 30% of businesses had demonstrated success in accomplishing their digital transformation goals—so how do you ensure that you’ll be on the right track?

Follow these steps:

See how prepared you are

First, focus on taking stock on where you are in the process and create a checklist and timeline for delivery. Do you have leadership buy-in and budget? Do you have key stakeholders from each business division involved to provide needed context? What are the technology requirements and can you meet them? What will you need to accomplish integrations between old and new technologies? Put together a clear picture of the timing and structure for your project before kickoff.

Identify your team

Will you be relying on internal employees, or on outside contractors? Evaluate the technologies and scope of work for the project to see what your team’s bandwidth looks like, and determine whether you will need to recruit additional employees to support the project.

Build a path to clear communication

Digital transformation initiatives are sure to fail without having a strong platform for clear and simple collaboration between all project stakeholders. Make sure that you have a project management platform where tasks can be outlined, assigned, and prioritized, chat tools for real-time communication, and a knowledge-sharing tool where your team members can ask and answer questions and share important technical information.

With clear communication and buy-in from every part of your enterprise, you’ll be well poised for a smooth transition to complete your digital transformation.

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