How can I make sure my digital transformation builds a strong culture?

Digital transformation is key to growing a successful business. Leaders have seen countless benefits to their business processes and their bottom lines, including improved operational efficiency (40%), faster time to market (36%), and the ability to meet changing customer expectations (35%), among many others. Especially in these transformative times, increasing agility through digital transformation is crucial for adopting new business models to carry you through a challenging business climate.

But as you complete your digital transformation process, it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t destroy the company culture you’ve worked so hard to build. Take these steps to make sure that your transformation project strengthens your culture instead:

Get buy-in on every level

When embarking on a digital transformation project, make sure that you’ve appointed a group of stakeholders who represent diverse business interests and can work together to make sure those interests are all represented. Each of them should clearly explain the process to their teams and be transparent about how and why things are being done in a certain way so that everyone is working towards shared goals.

Start small

Don’t try to overhaul every part of your organization at once. Test out your strategy by focusing first on smaller business units or product lines; evaluating what’s working and what’s not; and optimizing your plan before rolling it out to larger business units or departments.

Use the right collaboration tools

Both during and after completing your digital transformation project, it’s essential to create transparent and open communication processes that will enable different teams to communicate clearly with one another, and gain instant access to historical knowledge so they don’t waste time searching for information. Using a knowledge-sharing platform for cross-department collaboration can help different teams remain focused on project goals. Once the project is complete, it can help them remain connected so that they can generate new ideas and share feedback to drive more innovation practices within your organization.

By ensuring that your organization doesn’t break down into silos, you can help all of your teams quickly learn how to optimize their performance and make the most of your digital transformation practices.

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